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Sid on TV

March 24, 2009: Les Affaires' (in French) Anne Robert gets Sid's global forecasts for 2009. The extremes were precisely identified, as were the forecasts for what lay beyond.

January 23, 2006: CNBC World-Europe's Loiusa Bojesen interviewed Sid, who discussed his views for the Nikkei, Japanese domestic stocks, how to properly allocate among these, and the relationship of these different equity themes vis-à-vis the anticipated weakness in New York.

January 18, 2006: CNBC's Ron Insana interviewed Sid to get the story behind the Nikkei's 2-day 900-point smash, along with his Japanese equity outlook. The interview followed Sid's special yearend report which had identified an intermediate term peak in the Nikkei, along with another key low for Japanese domestic equities.

December 5, 2005: CNBC's Ted David interviewed Sid about the short and long term outlooks for the Japanese stock market. An economist joined the debate, as the Nikkei had just completed doubling from the identified April 2003 low.

November 25, 2005: CBNC World-Europe interviewed Sid about the Japanese banking system and Japanese domestic value stocks.

October 27, 2005: The LODH annual conference (Zurich) featured Sid as the keynote speaker, as he expounded on diversification into Japanese domestic equities and the gold bull market that he felt would take the metal to $3500 over the coming decade.

October 25, 2005: CNBC World-Europe interviewed Sid about the prospects for Japan versus the US, the larger US economic cycle, and the accelerating bull market in gold.

August 30, 2005: ROBtv interviewed Sid for a third time to learn why the market had peaked in the short term, contrary to the arguments of a New York investment bank’s chief strategist.

August 23, 2005: Ron Insana interviewed Sid on CNBC US about his reasoning for immediate weakness in New York.

August 22, 2005: Daniel Mann interviewed Sid on CNBC World-Europe regarding the prospects in New York for the coming major cycles.

April 10, 2003: On the first trading day of 1990, Sid Klein identified the perfect peak of Japan’s amazing secular bull market.

At the April 2003 low, ROBtv (now BNN) interviewed Sid for a second time, about the reasoning behind the 125% Nikkei rally that would follow. Opportunities were reviewed, as Sid had first turned bullish on Japanese Domestic Demand Oriented Value stocks (DDOVS) in 2000. Returns would run countertrend to the severe losses being suffered during the also forecast 2000 - 2002 collapse in global world indices.

In the first ROBtv interview (Sep. 23, 2002), near lows (see Major Turning Points), Sid had discussed DDOVs that would outperform popular themes. The contrarian arguments for a major low were expounded (see March 31, May 3, and May 30 2003 reports).

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