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Global Alternative Investments

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Qualified investors may benefit from Sid Klein's macro strategies, which manifest as tailor-made structured products, to respond to investors' needs at this time of extreme secular upheaval in financial markets.

According to the individual investor's personal needs, his structured products potentially construct a portfolio that addresses portfolio demands, on all levels of investment: precious metals, international equities, currencies and rates.

The products and portfolio construction of them, derive from 33 years of experience in global markets, alternative investments and derivatives.

Today, investors seek to not only survive these difficult times, but to actually benefit from them. Such is GAI's mandate, to achieve maximal capital preservation and growth.

This is a cycle of extreme uncertainty and volatility. Historically, such periods are both opportunities to create extreme wealth, as well as decimate it.

Asset allocation, investment strategies, and financial institution selection are today's concerns for investors.

For these reasons, specialization and tailor-made products are essential responses to the extreme demands posed by what may prove to have been the most difficult time in the history of financial markets.

Never before has there ever been so great a risk of global asset confiscation as what exists today!

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All services and/or products contemplated or referenced on this site may only be considered by accredited investors.

December 31, 2015

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